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Burgess Land Sale

This information is to bring you up to date with regard to the Burgesses’ Land development proposals as shown in the attached plan here.

The Trust and its objectives

The Trust was set up in 1761 with a permanent endowment to provide income for two objectives.  These are the maintenance, building, extending, beautifying and repairing of the Council’s buildings and when this objective has been met then any surplus can be made available for the poor and needy.

There is a special group set up including other local Community Councils which administers the allocation of funds to the poor and needy of the area covered by the Trust.

Advice to the Trustee

The Trustee (Welshpool Town Council) has taken advice from Counsel, Solicitors, Surveyors and other professionals to ensure that the actions taken by the Trust are correct and proper.  Consent to complete the sale of part of the site has been gained from the Charities Commission.

Planning consent

Powys County Council resolved to grant a planning consent on the Burgesses’ Lands comprising approx 12 acres accommodating 73 new homes, open spaces and play areas.  22 of the new homes are affordable units and the remaining 51 plots are for private housing.

Sale of the first phase of the site

The first phase of the development of the site will comprise 45 plots (22 affordable and 23 for private rental) together with the open spaces, playgrounds and substantial infrastructure.

The area of phase one is shown edged red on the attached plan. The open space is shown on the plan.  The land coloured blue is retained by the Trust as is the remainder of the site to be called phase II.

The purchaser of the first phase is Mid-Wales Housing with the building contractor being S J Roberts.  Walker Sheppard has no further interest in any part of the site.

Site to remain in the ownership of the Trust

The remainder of the site within the ownership of the Trust will include 28 plots accessed from Burgess Croft and Brynfa.

The access strips needed to reach the site have now been acquired and therefore the retained plots can be sold in due course in the normal way without any encumbrances.

The allotments shown will be made available as soon as practical taking into account the development process. (these are shown on the plan)

Open Space and Playground Provision

The open space will provide two play areas, a football pitch and other open areas.  The lower end of the site will be taken out of use shortly (with the existing play area) to aid the first phase development.  The upper level, at present used for sheep grazing, will be used for open for public use until the development progresses.  The planned area of open space will be completed as soon as we can.

Open Space protection plan

The open spaces are being registered under the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Scheme where by the Council covenants to retain the open spaces for all time.

Environmental matters

The hedge, which crosses the site, is to be moved to the top boundary of the site.  The land shown coloured yellow on the plan is to be planted with trees to create a new woodland.  These works will be done within the next few weeks.


The first phase of house building is due to commence in March 2012 with the contract completion due in September 2013, when the first houses will be available for occupation.

The play areas will be the subject of consultation in the summer.  The first play area should be in place by the end of the summer and the one located on the lower level (with the football pitch) during 2013.

What will happen to the money from the sale

The money from the sale will be invested and the interest used to meet the objectives of the Trust.

Please do call the Town Clerk’s Office if you would like any further information.